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The company W-Point was founded by Gerardo Wolf Perez and Edith Wolf Perez. They have combined their personal profile, skills and expertise in a number of projects. In 1988 they have founded and run the dance magazine Tanz Affiche which has been a seminal publication for dance in Austria and abroad. For the last ten years they have been involved in educational projects of the Lifelong Learning initiative of the EU, in Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig programmes.

Due to his migration background Gerardo Wolf Perez is accustomed to work in the context of different cultures and is fluid in several languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese and German.

An educated philosopher (assistant lecturer at the University of Santiago, Chile), photographer and graphic designer (Goldsmith’s College, London) Gerardo Wolf Perez has developed a sharp eye for the essential values and risks of a project. This helped him to successfully setup and run projects for several institutions in Chile and Brazil, in London and Vienna.

He is working for a number of small and medium enterprises especially when they start their business. He accompanies his clients with an astute analysis of their business ideas and helps to develop them into concrete projects. His clients appreciate him as an attentive listener and a challenging partner in dialogue.

At a time when computers were a tune of the future he got fascinated with the new technology and its potential. In the late 1980s when this technology finally made it possible to produce printed material more cost effective than before he launched the monthly dance magazine Tanz Affiche which soon gained international reputation in the trade.

When the Internet became popular Tanz Affiche had long been transferred onto the web where is up to this date a major information platform on dance. By that time Gerardo Wolf Perez had also graduated from one of the first web based learning institutions, the Adobe University and has since then followed a number of courses online.

He is currently applying his knowledge in various educational projects of a European dimension.

As a project manager Edith Wolf Perez is a esteemed partner due to her communication skills and sure-handedness of keeping deadlines. For EU funded projects she draws on her experience of living in different European countries and on her language skills in German, English, French and Spanish.

Movement, flexibility and disciplines are the ingredients of dancers and as such Edith Wolf Perez not only trained her body but also her mind as one of the first students to receive a B.A. in Dance in Europe (Laban Centre, London).

Her training in dance, Pilates and mime led her to work as a dance teacher for several years while starting to write about dance for several magazines but mainly for the trade magazine Tanz Affiche where she held the position of editor-in-chief. Trained as online-editor at the Donauuniversität Krems she has then taken on the challenge of transferring the magazine from the printed version to the webzine

Driven by her interest in expanding her field of work and her conviction as a European citizen she acquired an M.A. in European Cultural Policy and Administration when this course was initiated at the University of Warwick, UK. This was followed by a number of publications in this area.

Six years ago she was invited to act as artistic director for the summer school at the festival Bolzano Danza which has since her appointment doubled its previous statistics in relation to the number participants and courses. Within the festival she also established several further education courses for dance pedagogues.

The company W-Point e.U. is the succssor of W-Point.G. & E. Wolf Perez OG. The portfolio of W-Point includes activities in the areas of informal and virtual training frameworks as well as project management, public relations, web development and graphic design. The company has a long history with cultural, educational and arts projects and an extensive experience of working in intercultural environments.

Over the last 12 years European projects in the Lifelong Learning Programme played a central role in the portfolio of W-Point opening new fields of work for the company. W-Point acted as project coordinator in the Leonardo da Vinci pilot project „The Performance Bridge“ (project promotor Spiral-e in Vienna, Austria) and the succeeding Transfer of Innovation project „Creative Futures“ (project promotor: Inchore College of Further Education, Dublin, Ireland). Both projects realised online training for performing artists including the 3d-game Second Life for the creation of a virtual stage with an interactive lighting and sound desk. W-Point developed also a module for e-tutors. From 2011 to 2014 W-Point organised the Grundtvig Workshops „Talking Foreign“, “Pimp My Europe” and “Literacy Games” which the Austrian National Agency rated as best practice examples. The experiences of these projects in the area of game based learning in adult education are the basis for the Strategic Partnership project [L]earningGames.

The manager of the company, Gerardo Wolf Perez, graduated from Goldsmiths’ College in London in Visual Design and undertook a non-formal training to become Biodanza facilitator. He has led and organised workshops and seminars in adult personality training in the UK, Chile, Brazil, Spain and Austria. He has expertise and a long experience with ITC applications especially in CMS and graphics.

Until 2014 Edith Wolf Perez was a managing partner of W-Point OG and has been responsible for the artistic direction of the international summer school at the Festival Bolzano Danza and as a project coordinator of European projects. She is still acting as a counsellor in the company W-Point though her current focus is on her research about dance, participation and cognition.

Our latest projects includes (2019) & (2018)

Currently working on Trails art in Adult education and learning

Between 1988 and 2000 Edith and Gerardo Wolf Perez published the dance magazine tanzAffiche. Since 2001 the dance magazine continues to be published online  - - powered by W-Point.