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logo learninggames websolo 260 160In April 2018, we will have the last multinational meeting of the two-year project Learning Games. Promoted and Managed by W-Point under the EU Erasmus+ as an exchange of good practices programme. It was conducted together with several Universities, Vocational Schools, Life Long Learning Organisations as Partners.

The desire of the project was the systematic monitoring, assessing and evaluating of 5 specific Games played within the Learning games Framework. The aim was to understand how they could be adapted, modified and evolved for local purposes while still maintaining the game's purpose in a broader context. Language, age appropriateness, location and environment were all factors that had to be considered for each Partner.


We have accomplished a great deal, with all of the partners bringing exceptional experience and knowledge to the project and their contribution has made ‘Learninggames’ a success.

We went through many obstacles including establishing proper communication channels in remarkably different learning environments. We coped with language barriers, not just amongst the leaders but with the almost 600 students who took part at various stages. We did the best we could to make the games interculturally portable.

Now, with the learnings, results and insights gained, we intend to take part in the current discussion about Adult education in Europe, bringing our experience and articulating it as best as we can to a wider European audience.

Although our results are positive and indicative of a bright future for live, participative games, we are still stepping into an area where there is much theoretical research to be done.

We are looking forward to our meeting our Partners and Associates at our final Learninggames Event in Portugal.